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Today I got a pleasant surprise in the post as my Scorpion season 3 DVD arrived so finally able to catch up (although it's started back in America, living in Scotland means I will have to wait a while for season 4). Also bought Lucifer season 1 & 2 for my dads Christmas as since both mum and I are hooked we think he'll enjoy it too.

It's my sisters birthday this month as do bought Red Dwarf Back to Earth for her as she has now watched all the episodes that are on Netflix and is eager to catch up.

Also bought a new laptop for myself which is lucky as my old one is almost at breaking point, lol. It turned up just in time for my new DVDs and with a 17-inch screen will allow me much better viewing than my previous 15-inch screen.

Finished working on my Femslash Exchange fic and with some editing to do should have it posted within the next couple of days, just in time for the deadline PHEW!
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I have just realised that I've not been posting here for a while so just checking in to let folks know I'm still here just been really busy.

I'm a carer for my elderly aunt, and I've been trying to arrange additional support for her. We've now got a lovely NHS Support Worker who is going to start taking my aunt out during the day, twice a week which will give me some free time and a chance to recharge my batteries, lol. Also hoping to get her on a waiting list for Sheltered Housing where there would be a Warden nearby in case she needs help. Moving into one would be perfect for night time as her next door neighbour is moving home and she is feeling vulnerable at the moment (although the area where she lives is quiet and the other neighbours are friendly and helpful). Also trying to get her to go to the local Social Club as she has indicated that she is feeling a bit lonely and wants to be around people her own age (she's 96).

I'm looking forward to the end of September/beginning of October as most of the shows I like to watch will be re-starting around that time. Although the summer lull has given me the chance to catch up on other shows, lol.

Sami is now fully recovered from her injury and is loving the new ball I gave her to play on the field with. Hopefully, the weather will stay mild so we can continue to go to the area as it can become like a swamp really quickly.
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First of I'd like to thank the author for what they are about to create, I'm sure that I will love it and look forward to reading it.

Likes: fluff, romance, smut, happy endings, plot, hurt/comfort and enemies to friends to lovers/friends to lovers

Dislikes: non-con, a lot of BDSM, death of major characters and PWP

Ratings: I like anything from G to NC17

Fandom specifics:

Reba TV:

Reba/Barbra Jean - how they get together, first dates, moving in even perhaps getting married and how the rest of the family deals with it.


Faith Lehane/Tara Maclay, Tara Maclay/Buffy Summers, Faith Lehane/Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay/Willow Rosenberg - With Faith/Tara I'd like to see Tara being a positive calming influence and Faith helping Tara with self-confidence and bringing her out of her shell. Buffy/Tara I can see Tara being a great help to Buffy dealing with her mothers death and comforting her through it. Faith/Willow I'd like to see an alternative season 7 fic where Faith helps Willow deal with being a murderer and noticing their developing feelings.

Babylon 5:

Delenn/Anna Sheridan, Delenn/Susan Ivanova - With Delenn/Anna I'd like to see and alternative to the series where Anna was the captain instead of John and Delenn/Susan I'd like to see Susan helping Delenn through her grief and moving on.

Lucifer (TV):

Chloe Decker/Mazikeen, Linda Martin/Mazikeen - Chloe/Maze perhaps going undercover again, how they would bond as a family with Trixie, helping one another after something goes wrong during a case and they have to take care of the other. Linda/Maze realizing that their friendship is deeper and how they fell in love, going undercover to help Lucifer.

Day Out

Aug. 20th, 2017 10:13 pm
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Today we had the Defend Dunfermline Festival which was to promote the joining of Polish and Scottish soldiers during WW2. Took my dad down to visit as he had been in the Territorial Army when I was younger and we both found it very interesting. Especially as his first uniform after he joined the TA was a WW2 era soldiers uniform.

Baby doll in gas mask

WW2 motorycle

It was nice to see the local children also getting involved and learning about the war.

I've caught up to the end of season 2 Scorpion, although Netflix UK doesn't have season 3 yet so I'll have to find it on another site or wait for the DVD coming in September, lol.

Started Christmas shopping already as I've bought my dad the combined season 1 & 2 of Lucifer as I'm sure he'll enjoy it.

Without my aunt this week as she's gone down to my uncle's house to stay for a short holiday, so hopefully I can get a bit more writing done and catch up on some chores.

Sami Take 2

Aug. 3rd, 2017 09:57 pm
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The good news is Sami is almost healed from her small cut on her paw; it's healing nicely so less worrying for me, lol. Sami will look forward to going back on long walks and getting to play football in the field.

My mum has an ear infection so having to shout at both her and my aunt (who won't wear her hearing aid) has given me a sore throat.

Celebrated my boyfriend Cameron's birthday with a nice dinner and walked down the local park afterwards. My parent's wedding anniversary is this weekend (39 years). My aunt turns 96 on the 10th August so four more years until the Queens telegram.

About to start my writing for two exchanges due the end of the month/beginning of September.

Almost caught up on Season 2 of Scorpion (episode 18) and starting to re-watch some old favourites such as Red Dwarf, Still Game and Chewin' the Fat.


Jul. 28th, 2017 09:50 pm
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My poor dog Sami has cut her paw a little, luckily it's just a scrape, but I'm putting Anti-Bacterial spray on it just in case. So she is currently being spoilt rotten and is enjoying sleeping in my room instead of her bed downstairs so that I can keep an eye on her. Doesn't seem to be bothering her much so hopefully within a week it will have healed.

Started my Christmas shopping (sort of) as I'm planning a couple of small cross stitch projects for my Aunt and Gran. I typically make them a Christmas Card or a bookmark but not decided on a pattern yet.

We're back to the lovely Scottish weather pattern of pouring rain, lol. I'm thankful in some ways as it means it's not as muggy at night.

About halfway through of Scorpion season 2 (up to episode 12) which is funny as tonight I will be watching a Christmas episode in July, lol.

Also heard about Stargate turning 20 - can't believe that it's been that many years already. Wish it was still being recorded but heard we might be getting a new series Stargate Origins so that might be worth a watch.


Jul. 24th, 2017 10:42 pm
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Happy Birthday to [personal profile] badfalcon

It's been a quiet week for me and slowly catching up on Scorpion (season 2 episode 8).

Saw the trailer for the new Star Trek Discovery tv show and will probably watch it on Netflix when it comes out. Also watched the trailer for Orville and that reminded me of Galaxy Quest so will also give that a try.

Luckily we've had a bit of rain over here, so it's not been so hot lately which makes it easier to sleep at night. Sami is glad as I've had to open my bedroom window at night to cool the room down for her.

Had to help my sister with her CV today as I'm the typist in the family, lol.

Bought the Coldplay album - Ghost Stories and the new Star Wars film - Rogue One for my boyfriends birthday on Saturday.
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Dear Author,

Here are a few prompts to help you write your story, I'm sure that I'll love anything you will write and thank you for writing for me.


Character bashing, sad endings, death of major characters.


Case fic, happy endings, worldbuilding, team fics, family fics, hurt/comfort.

Fandom Specifics

Fandom: Scorpion (TV 2014)

Ralph Dineen & Walter O'Brien

Doing a science project together, how they interact and bond together.

Paige Dineen & Ralph Dineen

On vacation together, home life or if one is sick and the other has to take care of them.

Toby Curtis & Paige Dineen & Sylvester Dodd & Walter O'Brien & Happy Quinn

Working together to solve a case how they interact with each other and how they come together to support each other when something happens.

Fandom: Lucifer (TV)

Trixie Decker & Lucifer Morningstar

Lucifer has to care for Trixie when Chloe is sick, taking Trixie out for the day.

Trixie Decker & Mazikeen

Maze takes care of Trixie while Chloe is at work - what trouble might they get into? How their friendship develops.

Chloe Decker & Ella Lopez & Linda Martin & Mazikeen

Girls night out, discussing Lucifer, road trip

Fandom: Call the Midwife

Bernadette | Shelagh Turner & Timothy Turner

How Tim thinks about Shelagh becoming his mother one day, Shelagh takes care of Tim when he is sick.

Bernadette | Shelagh Turner & Julienne

How Sister Julienne helps Shelagh when she realizes she's in love with Doctor Turner, how Sister Julienne supports Shelagh throughout her pregnancy and birth of her child.

Bernadette | Shelagh Turner & Angela Turner & Timothy Turner

Showing Shelagh as a mother - perhaps at Christmas time or when the children are sick. Shelagh is taking them out on a day trip.

Fandom: Babylon 5

Delenn & Susan Ivanova

How Susan supports Delenn after John's death, Delenn helping Susan during her years as Ranger One.

Delenn & Lennier

How they support each other, Lennier caring for Delenn after her transformation, taking care of each other when one of them gets hurt.

Susan Ivanova & John Sheridan

How they help each other when a mission goes wrong, How John supports Susan after Marcus dies, John teaching Susan about baseball, having a night out together to celebrate John becoming president.

Doctor Who

Jul. 16th, 2017 07:56 pm
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Spoilers ahead for those who have not heard the news about the new Doctor!

So today we found out that the new Doctor will be a woman played by Jodie Whittaker of Broadchurch fame. I never watched Broadchurch but will probably watch her in Doctor Who to give her a chance. I'm a bit behind the programme as I stopped watching it a while ago - just after David Tennant left but saw the odd show from Matt Smith and recently Peter Capaldi.

Almost finish season 1 of Scorpion will watch the last episode tonight and start season 2 tomorrow. Trying to extend my viewing until most of the programmes start back in September/October time.

Will catch up with some chores this weekend - do a pile of washing, etc. So having a quiet weekend hopefully.
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Almost at the end of season 1 of Scorpion (episode 19) and loving it! I'm glad to hear season 4 starts in September as It'll give me time to catch up, hopefully, lol.

About to start work on my story for Rare Pairs Exchange, thankfully not due until August, so gives me time to get to it.

My boyfriends birthday is at the end of this month so thinking about what present to give him, luckily he's into Star Wars, Star Trek, etc. so it's relatively easy to figure out what to get him.

Wish it was better weather here though, Scottish weather at it's best. It's also quite muggy so hard to get to sleep, but since it's raining today, I hope it'll clear the air a bit.

Signed up for GenExchange so hope to be busy until the TV shows start back up September/October time.

Also hoping to get my aunt out for a couple of day trips when the weather is nicer, probably a drive round the coast or visit a National Trust property (it helps that I'm a member so don't have to pay, lol).

TV Catchup

Jul. 6th, 2017 10:58 pm
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Thanks to my dad I now have a new show and ship - Scorpion (Walter/Paige & Happy/Toby}. Thanks to Netflix I can watch the first two seasons but will have to wait for season 3.

Finished up my fic entry for Not For Prime Time, not started on Rare Pairs yet but hope to start this week. Another exchange has caught my eye - GenExchange so might sign up for that.

My aunt hasn't been feeling well the past couple of weeks which is why I've not been able to post recently. However she seems to be over the worst of the bug, so hopefully, things will get back to normal, lol.

Recently our town had it's local children's gala where all the local primary school children march down the high street (under their school banners) to Pittencrieff Park (AKA the Glen) which they have a picnic and play games. I just found out it is apparently the oldest in Scotland. It's nice to see the children carrying on the tradition, and I've fond memories of taking part myself.
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Today I caught up with most of my washing and my aunts as well, just to put them in the dryer now.

Sami kept me up late last night because it's been so hot. Lately, she's finding it hard to settle down so jumped on my bed and woke me up. Luckily it seems to be cooling down, so I hope to get more sleep tonight.

Still more editing to do on my Not For Prime Time Exchange fic but it's nearly done.

Started to watch Scorpion on Netflix and enjoying it so far (I've only watched two episodes, lol) and finish season 3 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Finished season 5 of Orange is the New Black and wishing it would come back sooner so I can find out what happens next.

I discovered Lucifer starts back in October, too far away!

Treating myself to fish and chips from the chip shop and some ice-cream for afterwards.
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Well, my story from the Soulmate Exchange has now been made non-anonymous, so I have posted the link for anyone who may want to read it.

It's called Keeping the Faith - Willow/Faith.

Still editing my entry for Not For Prime Time but it's almost ready.

Treated myself to a pack of peas in their pods (so delicious) so I'm going to watch some TV and have a relaxing evening.

I'm glad it's cooling down (we're in a middle of a heatwave) as it's playing havoc with my sleeping at night.
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I want to wish all the Father's out there a Happy Father's Day. My father was quite spoilt today, lol. Took him out for lunch, then a lovely drive down the coastal road around West Fife.

It was also the first time I had been under the Forth Rail Bridge, which was a beautiful sight.

Under Forth Rail Bridge

North Queensferry

Between Kinghorn and Aberdour
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Today I managed to finish my first draft for the Not For Prime Time Exchange, so I'll be spending the rest of the weekend editing my work.

Up to episode 9 of Orange is the New Black season 5, starting to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, noticed a new show coming onto Netflix called Glow so might give that a try.

Trying to get back into cooking but my depression has been kicking my butt lately as well as my IBS problems once we get better weather it'll help.

I might start some of my cross stitch projects again as it will contribute to keeping my mind busy.
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Quick one tonight, for anyone, interested Rare Pair Exchange 2017 is now open for sign ups.


Jun. 13th, 2017 10:12 pm
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Finally started writing my story for Not For Prime Time Exchange, so I hope to have a first draft ready by the end of the week.

Managed to sprain my wrist, so it's going to be a challenge to write but I'm going to persevere.

Decided to buy a new laptop but don't know which one yet, will be doing my research to see what's available at a reasonable price.

Watching Orange is the New Black season 5 (up to episode 5) and Private Eyes (season 2 ep 2).

Funny Dog

Jun. 9th, 2017 02:19 pm
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Must have the sound turned up to get fully effect, lol.
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As you can tell from the subject heading, we had a thunderstorm on the east coast of Scotland. I'm normally okay with them, but my dog Sami is not quite so brave. She hid in the bathroom until it was over, the poor thing so tonight she is getting ham in her dinner as a treat.

At least it's not so muggy now so I might catch up on my sleep, lol.

Don't you hate it when you get a certain song stuck in your head, totally my fault as I was watching the Lion King earlier so now I've got Hakuna Matata running through my head, lol?

Need to get started on my assignment for Not For Prime Time Exchange, but got most of it planned out so hopefully will start writing tomorrow.


May. 28th, 2017 08:38 pm
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Today I was sorting through some old clothes and found my Star Trek The Experience t-shirt from the Las Vegas Hilton. I went in 2000 when I was 20 (one year too young to drink, lol) and with my younger sister who was just 17. I loved the museum bit and really enjoyed the ride with the Klingons. It wasn't until years later they added the Borg (I really wish I could have gone back to go on that version but was to late). I even bought my sister a Borg teddy which she tells me is still one of her favourites.

Was supposed to be editing my story for the Soulmate Exchange but It's too warm here tonight so I'll have a lazy Sunday night, lol.

Visited my parents on Saturday and took this picture from the house, It's the new Queensferry Crossing bridge over the Forth river. I hope to get a better one with all 3 bridges in the near future.

Almost caught up on Lucifer and now started to watch a show called Private Eyes.


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