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Dear Spacer

I want to thank you for what you are about to create, I'm sure that apart from my DNWs I will be happy with anything written for me. I hope that the following prompts are useful but have fun, see where the story takes you and I'm sure I'll love it :).


non-con, a lot of BDSM, death of major characters, adultery and PWP.


fluff, romance, smut, happy endings, plot, hurt/comfort and enemies to friends to lovers/friends to lovers

Fandom specifics:

Babylon 5:

Character: Delenn

How she copes after her transformation
When does she realise her feelings for John Sheridan and what to do next
Becoming First Lady of the Interstellar Alliance and then President
Mourning for John after his death

Character: John Sheridan

Becoming President
Finding love again after losing Anna
Leaving military to go into politics

Character: Susan Ivanova

Finding out Marcus gave his life for her, how she feels and how to honour his memory
Becoming General then Ranger One
What is she like as Captain

Relationship: John Sheridan/Delenn

How does John feel going through Minbari courtship rituals
Going on vacation together
Finding out that Delenn is pregnant and coping with a newborn
Being newly married and trying to keep the Interstellar Alliance from falling apart

Relationship: Susan Ivanova & John Sheridan

Brother sister dynamic
How they maintain their friendship while running the station

Worldbuilding: Start of Interstellar Alliance

Developing Government, How different Alien nations get along or don't get along in trying to work together,

Stargate Atlantis:

Character: Carson Beckett

Dealing with being a clone
What lead him to be on the Atlantis mission

Character: John Sheppard

Developing his leadership during the mission on Atlantis
Developing friendships with people not in the military, Teyla, McKay and Ronan etc.

Character: Teyla Emmagan

Feelings regarding leaving her people to join the Atlantis crew
Showing her leadership before meeting the Atlantis crew
Growing up in the Pegasus galaxy

Relationship: John Sheppard/Jack O’Neill/Daniel Jackson

Personal tragedy brings them together i.e. injury or death of a friend

Relationship: John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan

What happens when Atlantis lands on Earth, does it bring them together
Becoming closer after a particularly tough mission
Having to go undercover as married couple during a mission

Worldbuilding: Atlantis as independent colony

Breaking away from Earth due to Wraith threat not being taken seriously
How would they cope without Earth resources, making new allies etc.

Worldbuilding: return to Pegasus Galaxy
An attack on Earth means Atlantis having to return to Pegasus Galaxy
What happens on the journey back – meeting new allies, enemies (old or new)

Stargate SG1

Relationship: Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill (SG-1)
Relationship: Jack O'Neill/Sam Carter/Daniel Jackson
Relationship: Jack O'Neill/Sam Carter/Daniel Jackson/Teal'c

Developing relationship after major tragedy happens
Hurt/comfort after one gets hurt and one or more have to take care of the others does romantic feelings develop
After a hard mission finding comfort with each other

Star Trek Enterprise

Relationship: Charles Tucker/T'Pol
AU where Trip is not killed and how their relationship would have continued during Romulan War
AU where their daughter survives

Worldbuilding: Early days of Federation
How the other alien nations and Earth develop the government and deal with problems arising
Lead up to Romulan War

Star Trek Voyager

Relationship: Kathryn Janeway/B'Elanna Torres/Seven

Developing relationship after major tragedy happens
Hurt/comfort after one gets hurt and one or more have to take care of the others does romantic feelings develop
After a hard mission finding comfort with each other

Relationship: Seven of Nine & Naomi Wildman

Seven regaining part of childhood through friendship with Naomi
Keeping friendship even after Voyager returns to Alpha quadrant

Worldbuilding: Returning to Delta Quadrant

Political environment changes in Alpha Quadrant – e.g. Maquis are not safe there so the crew decide to return back to Delta Quadrant

Janeway is offered chance to go back to explore the Delta Quadrant

Worldbuilding: What happens if Borg are freed

Borg civil war is over and the Borg collective is no more – How Borg would deal with individuality, any repercussions


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