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Today I managed to finish my first draft for the Not For Prime Time Exchange, so I'll be spending the rest of the weekend editing my work.

Up to episode 9 of Orange is the New Black season 5, starting to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, noticed a new show coming onto Netflix called Glow so might give that a try.

Trying to get back into cooking but my depression has been kicking my butt lately as well as my IBS problems once we get better weather it'll help.

I might start some of my cross stitch projects again as it will contribute to keeping my mind busy.

TV Catchup

May. 13th, 2017 08:24 pm
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So finally finished the first season of Lucifer and about to start season 2, was glad to hear about it being renewed. I really enjoyed it and looking forward to many more seasons, :).

I was sad to hear about APB being cancelled as it was a good show and wasn't given enough of a chance to prove itself. Another season may have given more viewers i.e. those who used to watch Bones a chance to find the show. Or those in other countries like myself, who don't get to watch the show at the same time America does. This is why I've stopped watching a lot of new shows until I know that it's going to be more than one season.

Thinking about starting a new cross stitch project - Cut Thru' Haunted House so that will be interesting as it's been a while since I've sewed.


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